Coin Shop

This page walks you through setting up the Coin Shop config on your server host.

Video Tutorial

If you'd rather watch a YouTube video for details on how to set up this config, you can do so using the video below. Otherwise, continue reading this page.

1. Extract & Find the Folder

Extract the downloaded .zip file and locate the folder named "plugins"

2. Installing Dependencies

Download DeluxeMenus, Vault, PlaceholderAPI, Luckperms, PlayerPoints, DeluxeTags, eGlow, EZColors, and UltraCosmetics. Copy the jar files into your plugin folder if you already have them on the server.

After installing these plugins, use the following commands to install the PlaceholderAPI Expansions.

  • /papi ecloud download LuckPerms

  • /papi reload

3. Installing the config

Copy the folders from the /plugins folder in the config files into your server /plugins folder. If some folders already exist, you may need to combine them (If you already have configs for any setups other than DeluxeMenus, DeluxeTags or UltraCosmetics, I would recommend sticking with the current ones on your server as they are not essential.

4. Final Setup

The config is built to work with PlayerPoints (for coins). If your server uses a different plugin, you'll have to change the commands in the file (but this can be done quickly with find and replace tools).

5. Extra Information

Please read the contents of the dropdown below to learn more about the configuration:

Extra Information - Coin Shop

How do I give players coins?

Coins are handled through the PlayerPoints plugin. You can use the base command /points to give and take coins from people

Common Issues:

None yet; check back here soon.

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