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Find some extra information, useful for this setup. (Like thing to set up on your own, useful commands, where to change items, etc.)

Adding your Branding

To quickly and easily change the displayed Server Name, IP, Store Link, Discord Link & Voting Links, navigate to the following file and change the details to your own. You can then restart your server and all the changes should apply.

File: /plugins/RocketPlaceholders/placeholders/branding.yml

For each item, you should only replace the text inside the text field, and nothing else, or your configuration may break!

Changing the Server List Appearance

To change the text that displays for your server in the server list (also known as the MOTD), navigate to plugins/MiniMOTD/main.conf, where you'll be able to change the text shown on both lines.

To change the server icon, shown to the left of the text, you'll need to change the server-icon.png file found in the main directory of your server files. Make sure this file is 64x64 pixels and in PNG format, or your new image will not show up!

Configuring Votifer

To configure Votifier to send voting rewards to players on your server, please watch and follow along with the following video:

Configuring DiscordSRV

To configure DiscordSRV, to sync your Minecraft Chat with your Discord Chat, please watch and follow the following tutorial.

If you'd rather not utilize DiscordSRV, you can delete the DiscordSRV plugin from your plugins folder and restart your server.

Configuring Tebex

You will need to create your webstore project by going to https://creator.tebex.io/projects and creating a new project. You can sell whatever you'd like on your store, but if you'd like a reference to copy, you can use https://atomatrix.tebex.io.

If you'd rather purchase a pre-made webstore configuration, you can do so by purchasing the corresponding addon on BuiltByBit.

Managing Coin Currency

Coins are a premium currency used on this setup. Coins are managed with the PlayerPoints plugin and can be given and removed to players using the /points command. The essential commands can be found below, or you can visit this page for the full plugin command list.

  • /points give <name> <amount> - Give coins to a player.

  • /points take <name> <amount> - Remove coins from a player.

In-Game Shop

The shop items and/or prices can be adjusted in the /plugins/EconomyShopGUI/shops folder. Each shop category has its own file that you can edit.

AFK Area

This setup has an AFK area where players can stand to earn passive income.

The AFK Area rewards and times can be adjusted at: /plugins/Skript/scripts/AFK.sk. This file is a skript file, meaning lots about this can be changed, from the rewards to the messages sent.

If you'd like to move the AFK Area to somewhere else, you can select a new area with WorldEdit (get a wand with //wand) and then use the command /rg redefine afk.

If you'd like to remove the AFK area entirely, you can delete the /plugins/Skript/scripts/AFK.sk file, and delete the AFK region with /rg delete afk.

Daily Rewards

If you wish to change the daily rewards (used in all setups except Easy Hub), you can do so in the /plugins/DailyRewards/config.yml file. You can also edit the GUI menu in /plugins/DeluxeMenus/gui_menus/daily.yml. This is the menu that comes up when you type /daily.

Automatic Announcements

To change automatic announcement text, you can use the /plugins/InfiniteAnnouncements/announcements.yml file.

Donation Perks

Below, you can find the donation perks for this setup. You can use these to set up your Tebex store.

VIP Rank:

  • VIP prefix in chat & Tablist

  • VIP Kit Access

  • Set up to 3 homes (Default: 2)

  • 1.1x Shop Sell Booster

  • List up to 2 auctions at once (Default: 1)

  • 2x Backpack Rows (18 Slots) (Default: 1 Row)

  • 5 Coins as a Daily Reward (Default: 3)

  • Access to /craft

  • Access to /recipe

Pro Rank:

  • All perks from VIP Tier

  • PRO prefix in chat & Tablist

  • Pro Kit Access

  • Set up to 4 homes (Default: 2)

  • 1.2x Shop Sell Booster

  • List up to 3 auctions at once (Default: 1)

  • 3x Backpack Rows (27 Slots) (Default: 1 Row)

  • 8 Coins as a Daily Reward (Default: 3)

  • Access to /disposal

  • Access to /near

MVP Rank:

  • All perks from Pro Tier

  • MVP prefix in chat & Tablist

  • MVP Kit Access

  • Set up to 5 homes (Default: 2)

  • 1.3x Shop Sell Booster

  • List up to 4 auctions at once (Default: 1)

  • 4x Backpack Rows (36 Slots) (Default: 1 Row)

  • 10 Coins as a Daily Reward (Default: 3)

  • Access to /hat

  • Access to /feed (10 Min Cooldown)

Elite Rank:

  • All perks from MVP Tier

  • ELITE prefix in chat & Tablist

  • Elite Kit Access

  • Set up to 6 homes (Default: 2)

  • 1.5x Shop Sell Booster

  • List up to 5 auctions at once (Default: 1)

  • 5x Backpack Rows (45 Slots) (Default: 1 Row)

  • 12 Coins as a Daily Reward (Default: 3)

  • Access to /invsee (Can't modify)

  • Access to /enderchest

Immortal Rank:

  • All perks from Elite Tier

  • IMMORTAL prefix in chat & Tablist

  • Immortal Kit Access

  • Set up to 7 homes (Default: 2)

  • 1.6x Shop Sell Booster

  • List up to 6 auctions at once (Default: 1)

  • 6x Backpack Rows (54 Slots) (Default: 1 Row)

  • 12 Coins as a Daily Reward (Default: 3)

  • Access to /ptime

  • Access to /pweather

  • Access to /he10 Min Cooldown)

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