Learn how to set up the Atomatrix Playtime Levels Configuration with ease!

Video Tutorial

If you'd rather watch a YouTube video for details on how to set up this config, you can do so using the video below. Otherwise, continue reading this page.

1. Extract & Find the Folder

Extract the downloaded .zip file and locate the folder named "plugins"

2. Installing Dependencies

Download DeluxeMenus, RocketPlaceholders, jShader and ConsoleLogger. Copy the jar files into your plugin folder.

RocketPlaceholders & jShader are for placeholder support and ConsoleLogger is for logging reward redeptions in the console.

3. Installing the config

If you have installed DeluxeMenus for the first time, drag the contents of the Playtime Levels vX.X.X/plugins folder into the /plugins folder of your server. This should hold the config files for DeluxeMenus and RocketPlaceholders. You can then restart your server and move on to the next step.

If you already have DeluxeMenus running other GUIs on your server, you will need to copy the menus separately.

Open /plugins/DeluxeMenus/gui_menus in the Playtime Levels resource folder and copy the YML files. Upload these to the /plugins/DeluxeMenus/gui_menus folder in your server host.

Navigate to /plugins/DeluxeMenus/config.yml in your server host. Open the file and add the following to the bottom of the file:

    file: playtime.yml
    file: playtime2.yml
    file: playtime3.yml
    file: playtime4.yml
    file: playtime5.yml
    file: playtime6.yml
    file: playtime7.yml

You can now reload DeluxeMenus with /dm reload and continue.

4. Final Setup

Playtime Rewards should now be working on your server. However, all players will need the permission to be able to use the menu. Make sure you grant this to the rank that you want to be able to use them.

The config is built to work with EssentialsEconomy, LifestealCore (Premium) & PlayerPoints (for coins). If your server uses a different plugin, you'll have to change the commands in the file (but this can be done quickly with FIND and REPLACE).

5. Placeholders

  • %rp_playtimelevels_level% - Shows the player's current level.

6. Extra Information

For more information on this config, read the Extra Information page.

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