EULA Compliance

Learn how to keep your server EULA Compliant.

All server setups and configurations are EULA Compliant "out of the box". That being said, we are not responsible, nor claiming that your server is still EULA compliant after you have made any changes to it.

You should read this page to know some important information about keeping your server EULA Compliant.

Crate Reward Chances

In all server setups where crates are prevalent, the win chance of items in crates can be seen in the previews; this has been added to comply with the Minecraft EULA & Commercial Usage Guidelines. Therefore, you should keep the chances shown inside the crate previews.

Microsoft Association

On your server's website or store, you must make sure you make it obvious that your server is not approved or associated with Mojang or Microsoft.

First-Join Disclosure

When a user joins the server for the first time, a GUI automatically opens, showing them crucial information that Mojang/Microsoft requires.

It mentions subjects like where the server store can be found, privacy and protection responsibilities, and a disclosure message to mention that the server is not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft.

This menu will only be shown to users when they first join the server. As soon as they click ESC or exit the menu, they will not be able to see the menu again unless they use the /eula command.

Selling Coins in your store

Coins are a premium currency featured in all pre-made server setups that you can sell for real money in your server store.

As per the Usage Guidelines, you must “provide information to users on all the content and pricing applicable to your server before a person joins, signs up, or signs in”. This includes when selling coins for the coin shop on your server website; you must explain what the coins can be used to buy on the server website itself rather than just in-game menus.

We have provided some templates here that you can use. You should insert these in the description of the "Coins" (or equivalent, if renamed) package on your webstore.

Because each resource is different and provides different items in each coin shop, you will need to select the correct tab below based on the setup you are configuring.

Coins can be used to purchase the following premium items in-game:

Player Tags, Crate Keys, Chat Colors, In-Game Ranks, Particles, Emotes, Pets, Player Glows, Bonus Hearts, and Sell Wands.

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