Learn how to set up the Atomatrix Survival Server Setup with ease!

1. Unzip your Download

Find the zip file in your downloaded files from BuiltByBit or Polymart. You will need to unzip it to open the folder inside.

2. Upload to your Server

  • Shut down your server and connect to it via FTP or SFTP (contact your server hosting provider if you don't know how to do this).

  • You then need to delete/cut all the server files out of the main directory of your server. If you want to keep these files, you'll have to put them in another folder or download them somewhere else.

  • Upload the Server file to your server host. It should be the only file on there.

  • Unzip the file; it should create many files in the main directory. Once the file has been unzipped, the .zip can be deleted.

3. Download a Server Jar

You will now need to choose a server jar for your server to run. You can use any spigot fork you wish; however, I suggest paper for simplicity. If your server host has a built-in jar downloader, you can use that, ignore this step and proceed using that.

Survival Server Setup requires a 1.20.1 server file! You can find a direct download to a paper jar file here.

It is extremely important that this server runs with 1.20.1. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to the failure of the world to load if an earlier version is used or the inability of certain plugins to function if a later version is used. To enable connectivity for clients utilizing different versions, the use of ViaVersion and ViaBackwards is recommended.

4. Plugin Dependencies

Because of licensing restrictions with specific plugins used in the setups, you will need to download some independently and add them to your /plugins folder. You can find links to these below.

5. Agree to the EULA

You will need to accept the Minecraft EULA by going into the eula.txt and changing false to true to start the server.

6. Starting the Server

You can start the server and enjoy your premade setup. Please be aware that the start-up may take longer for the first time, as it needs to generate the necessary files.

Due to how pre-made server setups are created and delivered, you will probably find that when you first log in, there are a lot of plugin updates. I recommend updating these if you can to avoid any issues further down the line.

7. Styling your server

To obtain further information regarding server styling, rank permissions, and essential tips, please refer to the Extra Information page.

8. Stay EULA Compliant

This Server Setup is EULA Compliant "out of the box". To make sure you stay compliant, please read the EULA Compliance page.

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