Terms of Service

By purchasing any of my products, you must agree to these terms.

By making a purchase of any product, you are deemed to have given your automatic agreement to the associated terms and conditions, regardless of whether or not you have read them. These terms are subject to change without notice, and you are responsible for keeping updated with any changes. Breaking these Terms will result in your License being blacklisted.

Main Terms

  1. Redistribution of a resource as your own is strictly prohibited.

  2. Usage of any resource without a valid license is strictly prohibited and will result in a lack of support and a permanent ban from the Discord Server.

  3. Payments for the product are final, and refunds cannot be requested.

  4. The product cannot be resold privately or used on servers/accounts not owned or administrated by you.

  5. In case of any disrespectful or rude behavior from your end, the product license can be revoked.

  6. We do not promote piracy, cracked Minecraft, or any other illegal content. This means you will NOT get support if your server is using offline mode without a proxy that is using online mode.

  7. When using the Discord Partner system (to allow your friend to get support for you), it is YOUR responsibility to let the staff team know when they are no longer working with you and they need to be unlinked from your account.

  8. The new owner must obtain a product license before purchasing if you are selling an established server based on any setups or configs. You can contact atomatrix on Discord if you would like to verify a user's ownership.

  9. Disclosure of private server information, such as plugin names or server files, on a Discord server or any other website is strictly prohibited.

  10. If you submit a negative review due to a bug or server fault and have not requested support, your review will be reported and removed.

  11. By purchasing a resource, you are acquiring a copy of the resource, and modifying or adding additional content does not make you the owner.

  12. Support is provided only for core features, not to help you create or add new ones. If you require support for adding a new feature or have issues with the features you added, it will not be provided.

  13. Upon launching a server with the resource, you become the server owner, "Atomatrix" is not the server owner. The development, setup, and configuration files are owned by "Atomatrix".

  14. Use of any of my resources to create a new product to resell is not allowed.

Tebex Terms

We partner with Tebex Limited (www.tebex.io), who are the official merchant of digital content produced by us. If you wish to purchase licenses to use digital content we produce, you must do so through Tebex as our licensed reseller and merchant of record. In order to make any such purchase from Tebex, you must agree to their terms, available at https://checkout.tebex.io/terms. If you have any queries about a purchase made through Tebex, including but not limited to refund requests, technical issues or billing enquiries, you should contact Tebex support at https://www.tebex.io/contact/checkout in the first instance.

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