LifestealCore Integration

This page explains how to use the LifestealCore integration for the Lifesteal Setup.

If you wish to use LifestealCore (Paid Plugin - Costs €9.99), you can follow the steps on this page. LifestealCore is not needed for the Lifesteal Setup to function. If you'd like to use the default one with the setup. You can do so at no extra cost.

Customers of my Lifesteal setup can get 20% off LifestealCore. To redeem this, open the LifestealCore Integration Folder from your downloaded files and locate the "Redeem 20% Off.txt" file. Follow the steps in the enclosed file.

Setting up the Integration:

  1. Upload LifestealCore.jar to the /plugins folder. You can download it from Spigot or Polymart.

  2. Delete HealthSMP.jar from the /plugins folder. This is the old Lifesteal plugin. It needs to be deleted, so the plugins don't clash.

  3. OPTIONAL: Delete the /plugins/HealthSMP folder. The server will still function with the folder here, but it is no longer needed.

  4. Restart your server!

The LifestealCore config has been slightly configured, but you may want to configure it more, depending on your liking. Configure the file at "/plugins/LifestealCore/config.yml

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